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Girlfriends Garage Sale!

If you are like me and have baby and kid clothes, toys, accessories, travel gear, furniture, sports gear, etc. that you are not using, and you want to find a way to get rid of it - JOIN ME as I host a Girlfriends Garage Sale!


You can pocket the proceeds or choose to donate them to the organization of your choice, but who doesn't want a more organized home for summer?! Lets recycle what we are not using!

Date: TBD (see survey below)

Day 1: Set-up

Day 2: Sale


Depending on the number of families who participate will decrease costs. Ideally I am thinking $65/family. I am not profiting from organizing this sale.* Costs will include the Masonic Hall in Perrysburg (tables and chairs included) and an off-duty police officer. This hall is ideally located next to a bank/ATM. I will market the sale online and encourage you to share the details with your network.

Rules: As a participant of this sale, you are responsible for:

1. determining the price of your items.

2. setting up your items for sale.

3. manning your own table or finding someone to run in for you.

4. collecting your own money and posting which forms of payment you accept (check, cash, Venmo, PayPal, etc.)

5. cleaning up your tables and removing your items at the completion of the sale during the hall hours.

6. securing your items. If something is of extreme value, please keep an eye on it.

Ideally I think we should run the sale on a Thursday. I know most people have weekend summer plans. And Thursday garage sales seem to do well. Set-up will be on Wednesday. But I am putting this survey together to find the best date:



* Crowning Celebrations is not affiliated or profiting with/from this sale. It's my business and I am solely using this webpage for organizational purposes. This page is private and will be deleted after the sale. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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